Friday, March 19, 2010

Missing Child Washes Ashore

Shantina Smiley was driving herself, and her 8 year old son Azriel Carver, from Silverdale, Washington, 120 miles to Castle Rock. They were making the trip, in order to visit relatives on Saturday. Unfortunately, they never arrived...

She apparently got lost, and stopped for directions at a West Olympia Mini-Mart, where she was picked up on camera about 8pm Saturday night. At that time she was seen looking through maps for directions, and seems fine. She purchased a bottle of wine, which was found later corked, but half empty. Workers said that Shantina's behavior was odd, and that she fell in the parking lot. She also stopped several more times, and ended up at a couples home asking directions. That is still the last time either had been seen.

Sunday, the van that the pair had been traveling in was discovered in Dana Pass. That should be in Thurston County. The van's doors stood ajar, their openings looking vacantly back, from where the van was partially submerged. According to KIRO News out of Seattle, to get to where the van was recovered, "investigators said the driver had to take a dead-end road, go down a winding driveway and onto the beach."
It is still unclear exactly how the van came to be where it was.

Authorities had said that they were 99% sure that the child's body that washed ashore, Puget Sound, is that of small Azriel Carver.
The county medical examiner is planning an autopsy and will make the final identification. However, CNN's Nancy Grace reports that Pierce county authorities have indeed verified the body now as Azriel Carver.

The body which was discovered by a beach walker Thursday, prompted a search from the air for Shantina, as well as searches along the beach and in the water, at Fox Island in Pierce County. The small body, reportedly had the same hair style and clothing Azriel Carver was last seen wearing. Because of it's remote location, the child had to be moved by water, to the medical examiners office.

Shantina Smiley has still not been found.
Anyone having any information is being asked to call Crime Stoppers 24 Hour Report Line: 360-493-2222

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Wednesday, March 17, 2010



Jahmal Simmons is just 14 years old. He went to school the morning of March 15th and was last seen around noon, at Shadow Ridge high school, located at 5050 Brent Lane in Las Vegas Nevada.

He was last seen wearing red and white vans, dark jeans, purple shirt, with a white undershirt. He was also wearing a Black and purple jacket, and a superman baseball cap. He was carrying his black and white plaid backpack.

His parents are frantic, and asking that anyone who knows where Jahmal is, to please contact them at, 702-742-9354. It is thought that Jahmal may be in the company of a young lady, who has not been identified at this time.

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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Bible Study "Zoned" Out Of Private Homes


This might have been missed except for The Oasis of Truth church, and Pastor Joe Sutherland. Pastor Joe Sutherland and his tiny church of just 7 members had been rotating homes for fellowship since November of last year. "There was no disturbance, no neighbors ever complained," says Doug Napier of Alliance Defense Fund. However, despite all of that A Gilbert, Arizona code compliance officer, hit the church with a violation notice after seeing a sign near a road advertising a Sunday service.

A zoning administrator told the church that Bible studies, church leadership meetings, and fellowship activities, are not permitted in private homes. Further, he was told that even as few as three people are not allowed to visit his home, if they intend to discuss any kind of church business. Alliance Defense Fund attorneys, filed an appeal last Wednesday, with the town of Gilbert’s zoning Board of Adjustment, in an effort to over turn the decision.

The town defends it's position, citing traffic, parking, and building safety concerns. Building safety concerns, are you kidding me? I don't know about you, but, I don't even want to think about living in a home, that isn't safe to invite 3 more people to walk into. That's a scary idea all by itself. Makes you wonder what their building codes look like.

There is nothing in Gilbert's zoning code, that prevents weekly Cub Scouts meetings, Monday Night Football parties, or large business parties from being held regularly in private homes. In fact, the zoning code actually allows some day cares to operate from private homes. I won't come right out, and call this what I think it is because, I'm a lady. But, the last time I saw anything like this, it was comin' out of the business end of a bull.

To her credit, Vice Mayor Linda Abbott told reporters that she does not support the code, and did not know that it even existed. I wonder how such a thing ever got on the books in the first place? In their response to the appeal, Gilbert town council members reportedly "expressed overwhelming support to expedite changes in the code at a future meeting." The next meeting is scheduled for March 23, 2010. Vice Mayor Abbott also told reporters, "she feels strongly that the council will vote to repeal the code."

I hope so, since it seems that there are a number of laws that conflict with the current zoning. ADF attorneys argue in their appeal, that 1) the town’s zoning code does not authorize such a broad ban on church meetings in homes; 2) the Constitution’s Free Exercise Clause doesn’t permit a ban on church meetings where all other meetings are permitted; 3) Arizona’s Free Exercise of Religion Act (FERA) protects “Arizona citizens’ right to exercise their religious beliefs free from undue government interference;” and 4) the Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act (RLUIPA) prevents zoning officials from singling out churches for discriminatory treatment. Blomberg adds that “the First Amendment’s Free Speech Clause prevents the town from stopping the church from holding its meetings on the public sidewalk outside the pastor’s home, yet the town won’t allow him to hold the same meetings just a few feet away in the privacy of his own living room.”

While the small church waits for something to change, they meet just once a week in a local school, where they rent space.

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The Latest On Internet Scams

The internet is a wonderful playground, full of fun and frolic. Just like on most playgrounds, you can get hurt if you're not careful. If you get a request from someone, asking for information that you know they should already have. Be suspicious, there is no reason for these emails to come, except to scam you out of whatever you have.

Have you ever opened an email from another bank, claiming they need your information, for your account, due to some glitch. They aren't even from your bank, so, you have to know that something is wrong. List companies sell your email address in with their list and the spammy scams are on.

It seems to work the same way with emails from Nigeria, India, and Africa, just to name a few. I received one of those from someone outside the country. They wanted to send me some ridiculous amount of money in gold bars. Since the bars were heavy, they explained, that they couldn't send them to me, until I sent them $16000.00 for shipping and I hope they didn't find any takers on that one.

I've also received information from, that there is a phishing page being sent around, that is supposed to be them. The email requires you to verify your account information.

According to Hoax Slayer A "Thank You" email purporting to be from Google informs the recipient that the company has received his or her resume. The message instructs the recipient to open an attached file to review the submitted job application. This is a malware email, that triggers, when you open the attachment.

If you receive requests for information from someone, look for an alternative way to contact them. If it's your bank, call them and ask them to verify that the email came from them. If it's an internet account like google or craigslist, open a separate tab, or window. Once you get into your account there should be something in your messages if there is any problems. To be honest though, only once have I ever been contacted by anyone online to verify my details. They made the contact by phone.


Saturday, March 6, 2010

Mental History Counts With John Patrick Bedell

People who suffer from Bi-Polar disorder experience the same emotions that we do. The twist is in how they experience them. Emotions tend to be experienced in an extreme form. This is more complicated, considering that their extreme emotions may be based on misperception. However, it does make perfect sense and a perfect recipe for disaster.

Often enough people feel threatened in some way, or at least wronged severely, before they will react violently in a situation. The same is true of victims suffering with Bi-Polar disorder. The problem is that their perceptions of what is happening around them, are incorrect. Yet, it's all they have to navagate with. The proof that this ends badly comes
to us today in the form of John Patrick Bedell.

In a statement from the family they said, "We are devastated as a family by the news from yesterday. To the outside world, this tragedy is the first and only thing they will ever know of Patrick. To us, he was a beloved son, brother, grandson, nephew, and cousin. We may never know why he made this terrible decision. One thing is certain, though -- his actions were caused by an illness and not a defective character." I can agree with what they are saying because, I have family members who suffer with this. My brother diappeared 20 years ago. No one knows whatever happened to him. Even when victims live with family for support, it can be tricky to always know what is happening, especially when the sufferer is an adult.

So, the next question is how could this have been prevented? Who's at fault? The short, simple, answer is...nobody. The disease itself is to blame. It's so difficult to diagnose, that often patients aren't correctly diagnosed for ten years. Incorrect medication, resulting from incorrect diagnoses, complicate later treatment, making it more difficult.

Part of the answer seems to be a good support system. I can talk about this in a practical fashion because, I've found myself confronted by this disease too many times, in those around me, and I've watched an assortment of situations and levels of disease. If nothing else, someone should stop in often, in the most serious cases, to verify that meds are being taken correctly, and that the Bi-Polar Disorder victim is not ill. I read where in one study, participation in a DBSA patient-to-patient support group improved treatment compliance by almost 86% and reduced in-patient hospitalization. (DBSA, 1999)

Often times family members have been so overtaxed and overwhelmed, that they can't be a part of that support system. Or, they care deeply and would do anything but, they don't know what steps to take, or where to go for help. That's why I want to share this link, which offers state by state information. If you have a friend or family member that seems to be a threat to themselves or someone else, there are steps you can take. I was impressed with the resources at Treatment Advocacy Also/or, it's a good idea to contact a local mental health center and double check how you can go about getting help when the friend or loved one becomes a threat to themselves or someone else. If you have any additional questions, about completing the process, they would probably be knowledgeable.

Once you've completed the process, your friend or family member, will be picked up and transported to a mental health facility. While there, they will be assessed and medicated. Generally no one is held over 72 hours without a court order. Stabilization is achieved when the victim is nolonger a threat to anyone. More time may be required for complete
effectiveness of medications. For additional information, please check the links below.

Treatment Advocacy
ABC News

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Monday, March 1, 2010

Tsunami Hits Hawaii Or When It's Too Late To Evacuate

Although many were evacuated in preparation of the 12 foot tsunami, reality turned out a wave much smaller than expected. Even so, I wanted you to see the fury with which this 3 foot wave hit.
Predictably, people ran once they realised the strength of the wave.
Scientists say that variables make it difficult to know just how bad a tsunami will be. This makes it hard to know for sure if you should evacuate or not.

So, how do you know what to do? Anytime there is a natural disaster, people want to hang around and watch. So how can you be sure that you've waited too long to leave? Here are some examples of people who hung out too long.

If you wait until your house is chasing you,
You have waited too long.

If your public transportation is a helicopter,
You have waited too long.

If you go shopping and parking problems aren't caused by other traffic,
You may have waited too long.

So don't wait too long to evacuate, the life you save may be your own.

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