Friday, March 19, 2010

Missing Child Washes Ashore

Shantina Smiley was driving herself, and her 8 year old son Azriel Carver, from Silverdale, Washington, 120 miles to Castle Rock. They were making the trip, in order to visit relatives on Saturday. Unfortunately, they never arrived...

She apparently got lost, and stopped for directions at a West Olympia Mini-Mart, where she was picked up on camera about 8pm Saturday night. At that time she was seen looking through maps for directions, and seems fine. She purchased a bottle of wine, which was found later corked, but half empty. Workers said that Shantina's behavior was odd, and that she fell in the parking lot. She also stopped several more times, and ended up at a couples home asking directions. That is still the last time either had been seen.

Sunday, the van that the pair had been traveling in was discovered in Dana Pass. That should be in Thurston County. The van's doors stood ajar, their openings looking vacantly back, from where the van was partially submerged. According to KIRO News out of Seattle, to get to where the van was recovered, "investigators said the driver had to take a dead-end road, go down a winding driveway and onto the beach."
It is still unclear exactly how the van came to be where it was.

Authorities had said that they were 99% sure that the child's body that washed ashore, Puget Sound, is that of small Azriel Carver.
The county medical examiner is planning an autopsy and will make the final identification. However, CNN's Nancy Grace reports that Pierce county authorities have indeed verified the body now as Azriel Carver.

The body which was discovered by a beach walker Thursday, prompted a search from the air for Shantina, as well as searches along the beach and in the water, at Fox Island in Pierce County. The small body, reportedly had the same hair style and clothing Azriel Carver was last seen wearing. Because of it's remote location, the child had to be moved by water, to the medical examiners office.

Shantina Smiley has still not been found.
Anyone having any information is being asked to call Crime Stoppers 24 Hour Report Line: 360-493-2222

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