Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Black Friday Shopping

Black Friday Shopping is always so hard. First you have to get out of bed, locate clothing, and remove all the furniture jammed against the door, to keep your dog out of your bed. Then, you still, bleary eyed, must somehow locate your own bathroom. Now it's time to stumble down the stairs without breaking your neck, all before coffee.

You race, coffee in hand, out to your won't start.......but you just bought a new battery, it can't be that! Suddenly you hear a small noise, why it's Mr. Chipmonk, and he's come out to ask if you'll turn on the heat. Now you know the problem, Mr. Chipmonk has been taking your wiring and crafting cute little pieces of chipmonk jewelry, to give as Christmas gifts.(everybody wants to get in on the act)

Knowing how hard it can be to find time to shop and find that perfect gift, I scoured the internet until I found just the right shopping help. I even included this special little ditty, just in case you're tempted to skip the video.

It's Black Friday Shopping
So I will tell you true
Watch the video below
So you won't look like poo!
-Post Continued Below...

Thankyou for allowing me to introduce and showcase my new friend VenetianPrincess
If you enjoyed this video as much as I did, why not subscribe?! It's fast, it's free and it's fun. Just click this link

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You can also meet and make friends with venetianprincess at myspace by justclicking here plus lots more....twitter, etc. You can even get the phone number and call venetianprincess. So, have fun, and have a great Thanksgiving!
Oh yeah, Please tell her Sweetromance2 sent you.



MeiChun Jones (Jeannie) said... the singer Britney? Looks like a doll!
Interesting video. I never go Black Friday shopping and didn't realize it's that

MeiChun Jones (Jeannie) said...

Ok...sorry to mistaken. Went to her YouTube and realized that she's a talented lady makes fun videos. Am I right?

MeiChun Jones (Jeannie) said...

Oh...and Happy Thanksgiving~~~~~~~~~~~


sweetromance said...

Yes, you are right. Isn't she great?

And a happy Thanksgiving to you to. :)

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