Friday, November 6, 2009

Jim Carrey In 'A Christmas Carol'

Disney's A Christmas Carol Movie Trailer

With all of the drama trauma going on lately,and laughter being the best medicine, maybe this would be a good time to let off a little steam. Just in time for the holidays comes a new version of an old classic. Jim Carrey in 'A Christmas Carol', Opening today. With all of the fun we've come to expect, it's the perfect movie for the whole family this holiday
season. The special effects will wow the kiddies, while teaching them something of the true meaning of Christmas. Meanwhile, adults will love the special effects, the humor, and the fact that Jim (he really is busy), Carrey plays every one of the characters, in this fun rendition, himself. This speaks highly of Jim Carrey as well as his makeup
crew.(lol) The trailers alone prove these are true artists at work.

One cannot help but wonder what it must be like to wear all of that make-up, all day, while they were shooting. At any rate, clearly it's a movie for the whole family to relieve some stress. Who knows, it might become a new tradition, and a great, fun way to lower your healthcare costs.
One thing is for sure, it sounds like a fun experiment.

Since the movie is just opening today, you might not know where to find it in your area, just click my ticket icon, you will go to a reputable site. Just enter your zipcode for where to find the movie and tickets in your area. Or watch the newspapers for showtimes.


MeiChun Jones (Jeannie) said...

I love Jim Carrey and his movies! He's such a great actor makes me laugh all time when I watch his movie. The make up in the movie is amazing!! I'm excited about the season Thanks for sharing, sweetie. I sure have to watch it!

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