Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Crazy Kidnapping Mystery

Jeff Muller got up for work on the 8th of January, just like he did every morning. Little did he know that this morning, would end up being very, very different. But then...quiet pet shop owners are not usually kidnapped, and then carted 1000 miles away...

Meanwhile, When 3 guys from Missouri decided to kidnap some poor hapless person in New Jersey, you would have thought they would at least be kind enough to kidnap the right person.

A good running comfortable car would be nice too.
Unfortunately as you are about to see in this next video, Douglas Strangeland, Andrew Wadel, and Lonnie Swarnes, have been accused of failure on all counts.
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So, what are these guys up to? I wasn't aware that they were having tryouts for 'America's Dumbest Criminals'. Do they have tryouts for that? Do you need to audition before Judy Gold talks about you?

In any case, Lt. Robert Osborn, of the Newton N.J. Police Department, stresses that the 3 suspects who targeted Jeff Muller, actually kidnaped the wrong man, due to mistaken identity.

Well! Doesn't that open a whole host of questions. Does this mean that somewhere in the show me state, there's some brains behind this deal? What kind of person, or people could convince 3 grown men, that this was a good idea? Did Douglas Strangeland bring along vending food, since he has a vending machine route? How did these guys ever get enough brain
cells together, to find their way from Missouri to New Jersey anyway?

Fun irony will be bantered around the water cooler, as staff makes note: Coming from the show me state, not one of the 3 said show me a picture of who we have to kidnap. No matter how many jokes are made about this though, I doubt that any of the participants will be laughing about it for sometime.

Jeff Muller has already flown back home to New Jersey, and though reporters have left messages, so far no one has responded. I'm not surprised, after all of this, Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Muller would probably want a break. Perhaps we'll hear from them soon. We're glad that Mr. Muller survived his ordeal, and we wish him and his family the best.


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