Monday, February 8, 2010

10 Baptists In Haiti Or Please Don't Eat The Christians

They say when in Rome, do as the romans do, but what if you're not
too sure what Rome is doing? What if due to chaos, Rome isn't too
sure either?

Although the first video would make it pretty clear, that these people had simply rushed recklessly in, grabbed up a bunch of kids playing some where in Haiti, and attempted to run off with them, the next video certainly suggests otherwise.

Undoubtedly, these children had already been devastated by the earthquake. Whatever these children held near and dear, has disappeared. Things we take for granted, like waking up in the morning, and knowing where everything is. Having some idea of what will be expected of you that day. We can't know for sure, but it's possible that some children would be in denial at the loss of their parents, especially in the face of losing every other creature comfort. Parents are the epitome of security.

Along with the two videos above, further confusion surfaces about whether or not the 10 Baptists, have even actually been charged with any crime.
Numerous sources report that they have been charged, when they have not.
The Wall Street Journal, explains it like this.

"After an initial probe, a Haitian judge last week ordered that the missionaries be formally investigated. Most international media interpreted the ruling as meaning the Americans were being formally charged.

But Mazar Fortil, the government prosecutor who handled the initial probe, said over the weekend that charges only come at the end of the second, formal investigation, which could take weeks or months. The confusion came over the translation of the French word "inculpation," which is often wrongly interpreted as "inculpate.""

The reports that stated that the 10 Baptists had been charged, were not written by ignorant, foolish, journalists. Instead, they were written and reported by people who are intelligent, well educated, and respected.

My point is simply this, if they could make a mistake, why is it so impossible to believe that Laura Silsby simply made a paper work error?
If her true intent was child trafficking she would have been sneaking through some bushes, not out on a well traveled road where she could expect to be confronted by customs.

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I also noted that all of the reports stated that they needed additional paperwork. Not that they showed up at the boarder with no paperwork.
However, linguistics and paperwork aside, the distinction would seem slim for the 10 Baptist who have been jailed.

How do you live? Do you have clean sheets on your bed? Clean clothes
to wear? Do you plan to feed your children a nourishing meal tonight,
and put them in comfortable, soft, jammies? When you compare that kind of culture to a culture where children often dine on mud cookies, it isn't so hard to understand how a bunch of big hearted Christians, coming from our culture, got themselves into trouble.

So if they are all truly innocent, why all the trouble?

"Here's what you may not have heard or read: They spent three days getting the proper paperwork in order," Lain said. "The problem arose when they got to the border and still lacked something due to a change in the laws."

Allen's wife, Lisa, told CNN's "Larry King Live" she has not spoken with her husband since he was arrested.

Many have brought up Dillon International, one suggested that they should have worked through such an agency. I decided to check out their website which is impressive. Then I ran across the following text,

"And our post-adoption services will give you the tools to incorporate your child's birth heritage into your family's daily life" I couldn't help it...I giggled in spite of myself. Now we're going to ask a bunch of Baptists to get ready to incorporate a little VooDoo into their homes. Are these people kidding or what?

Haiti is no help, with all their regulations, which were recently updated, you would think these kids were going to a place worse than Haiti! If there is such a place I certainly wouldn't want to go there.
Worse than mud cakes and cookies?

Told that the families of the detained Americans had pleaded for him to intervene, Bellerive said he could not.

"Those people are not in the hands of the government; they are in the hands of justice," he said. "We have to respect the law. It is clear that the people violated the law. What we have to understand is if they did it in good faith."

Remember, after the earthquake Haiti tightened their laws in hoping to protect vulnerable children from child traffickers. Bellerive stated, that the 10 Baptists are in the hands of justice. However I must disagree, it seems that there are those in Haiti who are well aware that the intentions were benign. Justice that isn't tempered by mercy, can never be anything but punitive in nature, and that's not justice at all.

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