Friday, February 19, 2010

Two Left In Haiti

Did you ever play that game with a pack of Camel Cigarettes? I guess it's really more of a riddle. I'll explain for those who don't know what I'm talking about. Somebody holds up a pack of camels. They point out the camel, and the pyramid and palm tree off in the distance. Then they'll set the scene. "If you were stranded out in the middle of the desert, where would you go to spend the night?" People who don't know the joke invariably, pick the tree, the pyramid, or even under the camel,(takes special bravery lol)as possible bed downs. Regardless of the choice made though, the punch line is ofcourse the same. The jokester will flip the pack over, where you view images of beautiful buildings, saying triumphantly, "Not me, I'd go around the corner to the hotel!"

Friends, all Laura Silsby was doing was taking children around the corner to the Hotel! Everybody knows that Haiti and the Dominican Republic share an Island, so I'll skip the geography lesson and cut to the chase. People please! Even Gilligan made it to the other side of the Island.

Eight of the 10 Baptist Christians have been released. Courtesy of CNN News, I'd like to share with you their emotional reunion.

According to the CNN News account:
"The Haitian judge ruled Wednesday that Laura Silsby and Charisa Coulter would remain behind because authorities want to determine why they traveled to Haiti on an earlier trip before the January 12 earthquake, said Silsby's attorney, Aviol Fleurant.

Fleurant said Judge Bernard Saint-Vil was unable to ask questions of Silsby and Coulter Thursday because a court-appointed translator did not arrive due to illness. The judge also said he wanted to see the place in the Dominican Republic where the group was supposedly headed when they were stopped at the border, the attorney said."

Laura Silsby herself, seemed in good spirits saying, the hearing "went very well."
She also said, "We're trusting God for all truth to be revealed and believing that God will reveal the truth through the Haitian justice system," she said. "They are seeking the truth."

On her way into the proceedings She told the CNN News reporter, that it was "not true" that she had misled the other missionaries in her group. When asked the reason for her visit to a Haitian orphanage in December, Silsby said, "We brought food and clothes and toys to the children."

Meanwhile the eight who have returned home said this of their experiance. "Our God is a mighty God and he stood with us every second we were there," she said. "He brought us home. And I want you to continue to pray for Charisa and Laura because he's gonna bring them home too."

They just might get what they want. No matter how misguided their steps may have been, at least so far, it appears their faith wasn't misguided at all.

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