Sunday, December 13, 2009

A Simple Act Of Kindness

I was looking through Craigs List today, the most important thing on my mind was locating a kitchen faucet. Hoping to find a bargain, I came across the following ad instead. As we face such hard economic times, it's important to remember, there are those who face a much grimmer Christmas.


A Simple Act Of Kindness

My name is Sandra. I am 43 and the mother
of two boys ages 9 and 14.I live in Essex
Nursing Center,in Tallmadge Ohio. Unfortunately,
I am dying.. My children and I are
separated due to my illness. We have
no family. My boys feel so alone. Please,
send them a greeting card to show them
you care. Please, send your greetings to:
Sandra H.
c/o Essex Nursing Center
563 colony park dr
Tallmadge, Ohio 44278

Please understand, I am not asking for money.
Just a small moment of your time. Please show
Doogie and Drew-Drew people really do care.

Thank you for caring, & Happy Holidays!!!

I think we should all remember how lucky we are this year, to be with our families, or at least to know they are all ok. I hope everyone will take A Simple Act Of Kindness to heart and send this family the love and understanding they so desperately need.



Meichun Jones (Jeannie) said...

That is a cool "Listen now" widget you've got there! I tried to sign up and installed, it only speaks half of my blog plus it won't read the pinyin part right. Guess I'll have to work on that myself.

It's so nice and sweet of you to post this. Wish all have a peace season~~~

Jayanta Deka said...

Very touchy... really on this earth the wide range of pains has taken a toll on the human mind....

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