Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Amid angry townhall meetings,SEIU Busses, and out of control unemployment, out pops a talent to soothe your shattered nerves. As Connie Talbot sings her heart out to 'Three Little Birds', you find yourself really believing her when she sings the lyric, 'Every Little Thing Is Gonna Be Alright'.As you hear her sing, Don't Worry About A Thing, one feels the tension drain away and hope bloom anew.

It appears that Little Connie Talbot has a family full of talent. Though Connie has been singing since she was just two years old, she didn't make her first public appearence until she was three. She had a guest spot in a talent contest her older brother, (Josh) and sister, (Mollie) entered.

Though Connie was not a contestant at that time,(due only to contest age limits) She most likely,(in my opinion) would have won. She says she loved the experiance, and we believe her.

Check out the related videos and see both Connie and her mother hold their breaths as they await the judgement of the mean ol' scarey Simon! See if you can agree with what Simon had to say regarding this cute little charmer.

Though Connie has left the United States for the time being, to perform August 22,2009 on The Miss Hong Kong Pageant, You can still see her guest appearance through her YouTube Channel, onThe NBC 10! Show , along with all of her other great videos. If you subscribe to her channel now, you can catch all her latest uploads.

You can also keep up with Connie through her fansite and her MySpace Profile.

Though 'Three Little Birds' was one of her last uploads, fans take heart. Connie is expected to be back in the United States in October, when she will be promoting her brand new Christmas Album. I'm sure we'll all be looking forward to it.

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