Saturday, January 16, 2010

Twitters' Fast Tweets Credited In Bringing Quick Relief

Twitter was among the first to be credited, for their quick tweets bringing the aid that has arrived in Haiti so quickly.

Unfortunately, now that help has arrived at last, some have mistaken the packaged date for the expiration date.....and are afraid to accept the food. Still others mob the truck making it impossible for women and children to receive much needed food, until the food truck was finally forced to withdraw.

Haitians refuse UN poisoned food prefer Mud Cookies

Doctors have been concerned for years about the possibility of bacterial contamination in the mud, as well as the risk of malnutrition. That risk has just increased dramatically, with the devastation and death the earthquake has dealt in Haiti.
Port-Au-Prince would normally be the best staging area to deliver aid, since it's the capitol of Haiti. However, distribution has been more difficult, especially with the strong aftershocks that were reported at up to 4.9, and the chaos there, resulting from the quake.

Here is what survivors have to say

Let's hope that everything turns out alright for them and their daughter.


Thursday, January 14, 2010

Bizzare Man/Goat Hybrid

Okay, so we know that it is possible to breed a horse and a donkey, the result being, the sterile mule. Several other animals also have the ability to inter-breed, but the results always seems to be sterility. Is this natures way of saying no!? But what about inter-breeding humans with other creatures? Certainly the picture below proves that something unusual happened.
goat man,goat baby

Miracle ... The bizarre human-like creature born from a goat

Shocked villagers gathered in rural Maboleni, 40 miles out of the Midlands town of Gweru, to witness the “miracle”. But experts say it is impossible for a human being to have sex with an animal and produce
an offspring of any kind. Inter-breeding humans with similar species like chimpanzees, gorillas and gibbons have been tried with no results, experts say.

human goat baby

Although, there is a possible explaination for the anomoly, that is not the most remarkable part of the story. The most remarkable part is an anouncement made by, Midlands Governor Jason Machaya, who stated Wednesday that the bizarre creature was a product of bestiality. He declared: “An adult human being was responsible.”
The poor creature only lasted a few hours before dying, and was set on fire after local politicians, led by the governor and a local chief, had been to visit the goat’s owner.

The Midlands' Provincial Veterinary Officer Dr Thomas Sibanda, regretted that they never got the chance to conduct tests on the odd creature, said: "As far as I know, it is not scientifically possible for a man to impregnate a beast unless of course it's a miracle."
"Inter-breeding is so hard that a sheep and a goat can mate but they will never produce any product out of it."

goat sleeps like baby

Is it a baby? ... The bizarre creature strikes pose of sleeping human baby. Locals now fear that the creature was a product of witchcraft, but Dr Sibanda still wants to give science a chance. He said: "It is common that an animal can be born with the hydrocephalus condition, a condition that causes an animal to have an abnormally big head full of water. This condition can cause the normal positions of the chin, nose and ears to
shift. "We could have confirmed that the creature was a goat if we had seen it since we are experts in animals. To confirm whether it was a human being, you need medical doctors."

One can only hope this is not an issue Midlands Politicians will choose to take up further. What do I really think? That it was an unfortunate accident of birth, and while I don't share their superstitions, I must say that I hope this doesn't lead to some sort of "witch hunt."


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Crazy Kidnapping Mystery

Jeff Muller got up for work on the 8th of January, just like he did every morning. Little did he know that this morning, would end up being very, very different. But then...quiet pet shop owners are not usually kidnapped, and then carted 1000 miles away...

Meanwhile, When 3 guys from Missouri decided to kidnap some poor hapless person in New Jersey, you would have thought they would at least be kind enough to kidnap the right person.

A good running comfortable car would be nice too.
Unfortunately as you are about to see in this next video, Douglas Strangeland, Andrew Wadel, and Lonnie Swarnes, have been accused of failure on all counts.
(post continues below)

So, what are these guys up to? I wasn't aware that they were having tryouts for 'America's Dumbest Criminals'. Do they have tryouts for that? Do you need to audition before Judy Gold talks about you?

In any case, Lt. Robert Osborn, of the Newton N.J. Police Department, stresses that the 3 suspects who targeted Jeff Muller, actually kidnaped the wrong man, due to mistaken identity.

Well! Doesn't that open a whole host of questions. Does this mean that somewhere in the show me state, there's some brains behind this deal? What kind of person, or people could convince 3 grown men, that this was a good idea? Did Douglas Strangeland bring along vending food, since he has a vending machine route? How did these guys ever get enough brain
cells together, to find their way from Missouri to New Jersey anyway?

Fun irony will be bantered around the water cooler, as staff makes note: Coming from the show me state, not one of the 3 said show me a picture of who we have to kidnap. No matter how many jokes are made about this though, I doubt that any of the participants will be laughing about it for sometime.

Jeff Muller has already flown back home to New Jersey, and though reporters have left messages, so far no one has responded. I'm not surprised, after all of this, Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Muller would probably want a break. Perhaps we'll hear from them soon. We're glad that Mr. Muller survived his ordeal, and we wish him and his family the best.

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