Friday, November 27, 2009

Love And The H1N1 Zombie

I know, I didn't think there could be such a problem either. Then I found this one website... If the BBC is talking about it,(Click For Reference) then it must be true. What a lot of problems. Socially this is gonna cause all sorts of trouble.

The way I understand it, after dying from H1N1, the virus itself restarts the heart. From there, the fun and frolic begins.

If you think you had problems pulling a blind date together before, you haven't seen anything, until you have to set up an H1N1 Zombie on a blind date. A certain amount of responsibility goes with a thing like that!

I mean, suppose your friend Judy calls, she's looking for a date for Saturday night. She knows that Joe is a friend of yours, even though he's never met her. She tells you that she wants him to come for dinner. Now you know that Judy is a cute little blonde, but, she has that pesky zombie thing going on, ya know?

Okay, so she calls, and she's looking for a date Saturday night. She tells you she'd like for you to ask your friend Joe, if he'd come over for dinner. Now, you know that your friend Judy, is cute. Ordinarily she'd be just the kind of girl your friend Joe would go for. But dang it, she's got that scarey zombie thing happenin'.

Even if you know she's been trying her best, she switched to that new zombie strength deodorant, and she's switched mouthwash five times.(zombies are known for dragon breath, or perhaps I should say zombie breath.) Still, how can you be sure it's really the right thing to do?
Can you really be sure she wants him as a guest at the table and not a guest on the table? Bummin', and that's just the beginning, suppose he wants to take her out to dinner, and she gets so hungry she just can't help herself. Even the nicest of places frown on folks chewing on their guests, no matter how they plan to serve them. Then there was that one time she ordered a bloody mary, and sent it back. She said it just didn't have enough 'body'! Then there's that dental thing...

So, by now you're wondering what these zombie people look like. Once you've seen one it's an experiance you'll never forget. Except... for the women, according to the video below, they just apply makeup and hide alot of the obvious signs.

This will be your only warning, the pictures I'm about to show you are very graphic. This is not for the 'faint of heart'.
H1N1 Zombies
Special thanks to

Careful now, get ready...

H1N1 Zombies
Special thanks to My Code Tree

Okay, so if I haven't made you sick yet, you may want to watch the video below, for a better in depth understanding, of Love and the H1N1 Zombie.

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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Black Friday Shopping

Black Friday Shopping is always so hard. First you have to get out of bed, locate clothing, and remove all the furniture jammed against the door, to keep your dog out of your bed. Then, you still, bleary eyed, must somehow locate your own bathroom. Now it's time to stumble down the stairs without breaking your neck, all before coffee.

You race, coffee in hand, out to your won't start.......but you just bought a new battery, it can't be that! Suddenly you hear a small noise, why it's Mr. Chipmonk, and he's come out to ask if you'll turn on the heat. Now you know the problem, Mr. Chipmonk has been taking your wiring and crafting cute little pieces of chipmonk jewelry, to give as Christmas gifts.(everybody wants to get in on the act)

Knowing how hard it can be to find time to shop and find that perfect gift, I scoured the internet until I found just the right shopping help. I even included this special little ditty, just in case you're tempted to skip the video.

It's Black Friday Shopping
So I will tell you true
Watch the video below
So you won't look like poo!
-Post Continued Below...

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Monday, November 23, 2009

HiN1 Zombies

Close your doors and windows
Pull your curtains shut
H1N1 zombies have been
Dreamed up by some nutt!

SWINE FLU ZOMBIE OUTBREAK -Post Continued Below...

I really can't believe it
I don't belive it's true
That Zombies tear you all to shreds
Just because they had the flu

The folks that have been dying
Are most sincerely dead
I don't think they chase anyone
No matter what we've read

But you watch my little video
For this will tell you true
How you can protect yourself
And avoid the H1N1 Flu

Protect Yourself, Watch This Video -Post Continued Below...

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Friday, November 6, 2009

Jim Carrey In 'A Christmas Carol'

Disney's A Christmas Carol Movie Trailer

With all of the drama trauma going on lately,and laughter being the best medicine, maybe this would be a good time to let off a little steam. Just in time for the holidays comes a new version of an old classic. Jim Carrey in 'A Christmas Carol', Opening today. With all of the fun we've come to expect, it's the perfect movie for the whole family this holiday
season. The special effects will wow the kiddies, while teaching them something of the true meaning of Christmas. Meanwhile, adults will love the special effects, the humor, and the fact that Jim (he really is busy), Carrey plays every one of the characters, in this fun rendition, himself. This speaks highly of Jim Carrey as well as his makeup
crew.(lol) The trailers alone prove these are true artists at work.

One cannot help but wonder what it must be like to wear all of that make-up, all day, while they were shooting. At any rate, clearly it's a movie for the whole family to relieve some stress. Who knows, it might become a new tradition, and a great, fun way to lower your healthcare costs.
One thing is for sure, it sounds like a fun experiment.

Since the movie is just opening today, you might not know where to find it in your area, just click my ticket icon, you will go to a reputable site. Just enter your zipcode for where to find the movie and tickets in your area. Or watch the newspapers for showtimes.

Monday, November 2, 2009

'This Is It' Grosses Big At Boxoffice

Michael Jackson Final Rehearsal "This Is It" Tour

According to Rolling Stone Magazine'This Is It' grossed $101 million worldwide over the weekend. Dispite the huge turnout it seems the UnitedStates has been slow to react.

Fortunately, it's been decided to extend the tour due to the wonderful response, and we get yet another chance to see this American Music Icon in action.

'This Is It' came in ahead of 'Paranormal Activity'even though it was halloween, they still only grossed a mere $16.5million by comparison to the $21.3 million grossed by 'This Is It' here in the UnitedStates.

To get movie schedules and ticket info, just click the ticket in the menu to your right. But, do remember this movie is out for a limited time so, you'll want to get your tickets soon, and not miss this fascinating opportunity

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